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Top Iphone Games to show off !

Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes is a daring World War II action game that stretches from Africa to Berlin and back to Normandy to an effort to stop the Nazi Germany war machine. However, the dare implied above is really directed at you. Gameloft practically dares you to play to the conclusion of Brothers in Arms without driving your thumbs through the screen of your iPhone in a fit of rage.

If you were a fan of Ubisoft's ambitious Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 production, you know the set-up. An assassin named Altair is scouring the Holy Land for the means to bring down the Templar knights, an organization with sinister designs on the world in this narrative. The iPhone game serves as a prequel to the console game. Altair is in search of a specific artifact called "The Chalice," which possibly has the power to bring the ugly Crusades to an early, merciful end. But seeking this relic raises more questions than it answers, setting up the console game, which I consider to have one of the best fictions in videogames in quite some time despite its uneven game mechanics.


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